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    Let me try this again. Have a '07 k1200gt and am considering an Aeroflow windscreen. Does it do the job and is it worth the $$? Is there anything better?


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    I recently installed the Aeroflow on my RT -- so I can't say how the GT windscreen or aero-kit (the extra plastic skirting that attaches to the fairing/dash) would work on your bike, but here's my experience so far.

    I searched around the internet for opinions and decided the aeroflow -- despite the additional cost -- was what I needed. I ordered direct and received the package a few days later. Along with the various parts came some very detailed instructions with great technical drawings to illustrate the installation process. All told it took me a couple of hours to read the instructions, prepare the bike surfaces for mounting the adhesive, installing the aero-kit parts, and bolting on the windscreen. You can get additional adhesive strips from aeroflow if you need to reinstall any parts.

    The only comments I have about the installation is that the windscreen in the fully retracted (down) position rubs against the aero-kit plastic skirts in a couple of places -- but it's minor. I've only ridden a few hundred miles since the install a couple of weeks ago and all the adhesives have set up well and are holding the parts firmly.

    My frequent passenger noticed the difference immediately -- it's noticeably quieter. The windscreen forms a smoother pocket of air for the rider and passenger. I wouldn't say it's a dramatic improvement over the stock screen, but it is noticeably smoother and quieter with a larger pocket of smooth air that encompasses my shoulders and arms -- less buffeting for sure.

    The aero-screen is a bit more rigid than the stock windscreen, but it still has some of the shake of the OEM -- but it's not a big problem. There's some optical distortion in the lower half of the screen where the v-slot ridges are molded into the windscreen, but I'm generally looking over the windscreen, so it's not a problem.

    I noticed that unless the screen is fully retracted (down) there's not enough air hitting my helmet for my helmet vents to work well. But I also noticed that enough air hits my helmet so that there's still some wind noise created when the air flows around my helmet's faceshield. If you're wearing a Nolan helmet be aware. I could have bought the taller screen based on their height recommendations, but opted for the medium height. I sit fairly tall in the saddle, so I'm looking over the screen when seated and some some air is always hitting the helmet unless I've raised the screen high enough to look through it.

    I'm aware of the issue with broken windscreen brackets so I've been careful about raising the windscreen at speed. So far so good. The screen is larger than stock at the top (wider and taller) so it does affect handling in a cross wind -- but it's minor. I've passed several trucks and RVs with no problems.

    That's my road test so far -- clear instructions, easy to install, quality parts, and enough improvement to make the investment worthwhile. YMMV.

    edit for update:
    It's been several thousand miles since I've installed the screen and all the adhesives have set up nicely and are holding the various parts to the fairing. I've ridden with the screen fully extended at high speeds with not much more shake than you get on the stock OEM screen. No broken windscreen brackets so far. The screen is durable -- any small scratches are easily removed with the NOVUS care kits. It's a bit warmer of a ride in hot weather for sure. Overall, very pleased with the addition.
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    I would recommend the 28". The 26" I got is barely taller than the stock (US) windshield. It's tough as nails, designed after the stock windshield so no annoying warp in the top lip as the other do (Calsci might not have this lip). I tend to look right at or near the top lip so a warp from the flare would be really bad for me. I am 5'9" (tends to influeance decisions a lot). I just like the stock look, but taller. I also got one that tinted which looks good on the dark graphite (AKA "the FAST color"). Very nice thick windshield, not prone to scratching, just as high quality as stock and is also a bit lower cost than the others. I can raise screen "about 3 seconds" from the lowest setting at get a nice still air pocket. When really cold out full high works fine, can even put helmet visor up and feel fine. All the way down on hot days in city give a nice full air feel.
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