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Thread: Track laps

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    Track laps

    The track laps at Bristol seem like a good idea and potentially a lot of fun.

    There's probably some fine print, like protective clothing and taping lights and such. Do we know what the fine print states?

    I'm in my summer ATGATT (mostly), and if there's something I need to be certain to bring I'd like to know what the fine print says, so I can either bring it or maybe pass on Bristol.


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    Lean NONE!

    I wonder if you gotta trail behind a follow-me truck on the apron!

    Even lane one is "banked" about 30 degrees... it may take about
    99mph to hold the line! The price is right but they need 60 bikes to
    make it happen.

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    What a hoot, for charity, I'm in. Already called and guess what, the gal is off untill Monday, leave a message, phone number and email. She will get back with you.
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    I'm in. A good reason to ride my ducati to the bmw rally
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    Yep I left my message for the 'coordinator' yesterday, must be accummulating until Monday to see if they get 60. You can bet there will be a speed limit, and some requirement to get on the track in the first place. Hope it goes, and the weather cooperates, as it sounds like fun and will provide a good story for the rest of the year.

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    Scheduling conflict with the Bean Tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by 650flutterby View Post
    Scheduling conflict with the Bean Tour
    Yes, there are lots of great choices: Friday has Melissa Pierson reading, bean tour, and Bristol.
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    I'd love to try and lap the track. Never done it on a bike. A bunch of times in cars but never a bike.
    Give a hand.

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    WOW this sound great where do I find more info?

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    I've taken a lap at the Brickyard in Indy during a charity ride. The had police cars positioned around the track to enforce a the 40(?) MPH speed limit. Indiana is a helmet-choice state, but we were required to wear a helmet on the track.

    It was might cool to ride a lap around the one of the most famous tracks in all of motorsports!!!

    Not sure if Bristol will have a similar deal. I can't see them letting us go as fast as we *THINK* we can go on it. I am betting there'll be ALOT of bikes on the track at the same time...
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    Who's going to take a picture of me?
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    Call the track for all the detyails. We just set this up last week and thought it would be a cool thing to do. Barbara is on vacation until Monday. Leave a message and she'll get back to you! It will take 60 to sign up to make it happen. But it does benefit a great charity...and something else you can tell about back home...Ride On!
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    Any idea if we could just go to the track and take pictures.. afterall I have to ride my bike home


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    Here is the email we got back today...still only about 20 registered...need 60

    It's a one of a kind track if you are not familiar...kind of a RoseBowl with a banked track in it...

    here are the details...sounds like fun for a good cause! Not a typical "Track Day" with all out speed, but also not a place you can ride the track normally.

    Hope to see y'all there!

    Subject: Bristol Motor Speedway BMW MOA Rally Track Laps for Charity

    Good Morning,

    I hope you are all great and that you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you very much for expressing interest in the Track Laps for Charity here this Friday at 10 a.m. We are requiring that there be a minimum of 60 bikes signed up for the rides in order to operate the event. This will ensure that we cover all of our expenses. At this point by my calculations we have about 22 bikes signed up. I will send an email each morning leading up to the event to keep you all updated. I will be filling in slots as the calls come in starting at 10 a.m. that morning. Please look below for who I have registered so far and respond to this email if you'd like to add a rider or if I have too many put down. If we have enough people by this Wednesday at 5 p.m. please follow the instructions below. Also, Please respond to this email so that I know you received the information. Thank you all very much for your support o f Speedway Children's Charities and I hope to see each of you this Friday!

    Instructions & Rules for Friday, July 17th 2009
    Arrive at 9:15 a.m. so that we can get waivers signed and collect payment.
    Enter through the South Entrance (does not have large video screen) and follow signs to garage entrance
    Our volunteers will meet you there and stage you for the laps as well as approach you with waivers & tickets for the event. They will also collect payment at that time. If you would like a receipt please let the volunteer know so that we can mail it to you after the event. We won't have time the day of to give this to you.
    Please bring cash or a check made out to Speedway Children's Charities. It is $25 for five laps.
    Everyone will be brought inside the track once we've completed all the required paperwork and gotten everyone squared away
    You will be staged on the front stretch and taken around the track 10 bikes at a time. You will be led by the pace car.
    Please don't pass one another
    After your five laps have been completed you will be staged on the backstretch and will remain there until all the bikes have concluded their laps
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