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Thread: Need Help planning Route

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    Question Need Help planning Route

    Ok I have waited long enough, I have been looking at maps and tried to use the GPS, route sites to plan my trip down and back. But I am not feeling it. Part of my nature is to taking things as they come on motorcycle trips and to be open to the places the roads takes me. However, on this trip will have another couple following us down.

    The only firm parts of the trip are:

    Depart Lancaster County Wednesday 0800

    Drive through Sheppard‘«÷s Town WV 0?00

    Arrive Lynchburg VA 0?00

    Depart Lynchburg Thursday 0:800

    Arrive at Rally 0:?00

    Depart Rally Sunday 8:00

    Arrive Shinnestown WV 0?00

    Depart Shinnsstown WV 0:800

    I want to avoid the slabs, and enjoy the ride, and have a relaxed trip down and back.

    I would love to hear your ideas.


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    Unless you have to visit or stop at the towns you mentioned, I would highly recommend Hwy 220 which runs just north of Roanoke at the town of Troutsville and ride it all the way to Cumberland, WV. From there you can route yourself northeast to Lancaster or cut off earlier and then head to Lancaster. Great road !!

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