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Thread: Electrified Tank Bag II

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    Electrified Tank Bag II

    yeah, i COULD put this in gear, but you know what, i'm a bit of an attention whore (i think i can use that one) so HERE GOES:

    Just built my new "lectrified' tankbag" and have incorporated the same basic components as the last one:

    Sirius Receiver
    3 into 1 mini amplifier with remote volume control

    What i've done a bit differently is to ditch the fuse block i had in the last one. It was a bit cumbersome and well, i came to the conclusion i didn't NEED 3 fuses for 3 devices that probably drew about as much power as cell phone. To remedy this i've simply moved the fuse inline with the power to the battery, it simplifies things a great deal.

    So here it is, i've put my little audio amp along with the other wires in the pouch on the side. The wires going up are power and audio for the sirius, which will reside in the map pouch up top so i can fiddle with it and it'll stay dry, it's up there with a much shortened magnetic mount car antenna:
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    since smugmug is down, i'm just breaking this up to attach multiple photos.

    The OTHER big thing is that the GPS is not attached to this bag as it was to the previous one, so the one thing i'm still figuring out is routing audio. I think for this summer the GPS will be visual only and i'll rewire it this winter so that the audio is paired with the power from under the seat.

    Another difference is that i've used audio connectors to supply power. Dunno why, but i used XLR style mic barrels to supply + and ground on pins 1 and 2 with pin 3 dead. These also live in the tankbag, near the amplifier.

    And there ya go, That's Entertainment as The Jam and Gang of Four say.
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    Looks like a clean job! Congratulations. Was a bit concerned when I saw the roll of plastic electrical tape.


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    What model NR tank bag is that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    What model NR tank bag is that?
    not sure, came with the airhead i bought this past spring.

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