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Thread: Bruce Peninsula, Ontario?

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    Bruce Peninsula, Ontario?

    Going for a week-long ride into Canada, leaving on Saturday, and trying to decide on my destination. The 10-day weather forecast will play a big part in my decision-making....

    One of the areas I'm considering is the Bruce Peninsula area of Ontario. Some of the info available on the web makes it sound like a scenic spot, with some good roads on the water. My traveling companion (some would say, "stuffed animal good luck" companion) is a woodchuck, who has met Punxatawney Phil and would like to say hi to Wierton Willy.

    Any comments, in favor of or against the Bruce Peninsula? Places to go, things to do, stuff to avoid?


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    I think I can provide an opinion here... I live in the heart of Toronto so I have done trips all around this area.

    I would suggest that you take a good look at google maps. You will notice that the Bruce Peninsula it pretty much a grid pattern of roads, this suggests that it is relatively flat. I have been up there on a bike, it does offer some nice rolling roads, farms and some nice views of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron..but it is a slog to get up there for not much return.

    I would recommend that you explore a little further East.. Check out Ontario's cottage country..Parry Sound, Bracebridge, Muskoka you will find lush trees, forests, winding roads, and lakes galore. Go even further east and you will experience some significant elevation around Eganville, Renfrew County and Calibogie. Ride through HWY60 Algonquin Park. You can't go wrong on any of the roads in Eastern Ontario south of Algonquin Park.,4.22699&z=9

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    I like this area. An offbeat rally for, get this, "The International Order of Rolling Broccoli Riders" was held near Wiarton, in Big Bay ON. Which is a nice short trip from Wiarton.
    I like hanging out in Wiarton, there was a huge camping area at the rally site (owner sold it and moved to Wiarton, The Kaiser (Helmut) and Bruno his wife, very nice people). Anyhoo, other than Big Bay and Wiarton and the roads connecting them, just north of Wiarton is the Spirit Rock Conservation Area, which is worth an hour or 2 (google it). Be sure to walk down the long stairs to the waters edge at the bottom of a cliff. I would recommend a trip from there up to Tobermory and the ferry trip to South Baymouth and further explore Manitoulin Island.

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    Hi Generalist,

    I live less than a hour from the Bruce Peninsula. So I know little bit about the area. If you enter Canada at Fort Erie, I would recommend taking the QEW to Hamilton. After you cross the Burlington Skyway bridge the road turns east toward Toronto. Get off the QEW at the Guelph Line and start heading north. This road is in pretty good condition (we have many, many roads in Ontario in bad condition) and it is interesting. At HWY 7 turn right to Rockwood. Turn Left on County Road 27 , Turn right o CR 18 and left on CR 26 to Bellwood. Right on CR 5 left on 108 you will go 100 yards then left on CR 25 through Grand Valley up to HWY 89. Turn right on Hwy 89 you will travel maybe a mile or two and turn left on CR 17 ( this is a big wind mill farm area). Turn Left on Hwy 10 up to Flesherton . In Flesherton turn right on CR 4 east bound to the Beaver Valley Road ( CR 13). Follow this road right to Thornbury. This is one of the better motorcycling roads in Ontario. In Thornbury turn left on HWY 26 and now you are headed to Owen Sound. In Owen Sound stay On Hwy 26 cross over the river and turn right. Easy to get lost in this town so if you see the Tourist Information Booth you are going the right way. You are looking for County Road 1 this road runs up the west side of the harbour. If you stay on CR 1 this road will take you into Wiarton. Turn right at the lights and you will be just two blocks from Wiarton Willy park. You can't miss it. Take Hwy 6 north to Tobermory take the ferry. I did a trip around Manitoulin Island a couple years back it was not bad. Please Google this route and consider this as a option. I will be heading south to the rally next week and these are the roads I will be taking to get to the border. Hope you enjoy your visit to Canada.

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    Check out for some ideas. There are waterfall tours, lighthouses, bike friendly accommodations, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david46 View Post
    Hi Generalist,

    I live less than a hour from the Bruce Peninsula. So I know little bit about the area. If you enter Canada at Fort Erie, I would recommend taking the QEW to Hamilton... Turn right on Hwy 89 you will travel maybe a mile or two and turn left on CR 17 ( this is a big wind mill farm area)..

    Had a great time on the trip, David; followed most of the route you suggested up to Tobermory. Ran into a little problem near the big wind farms -- sure, the things are pretty, but they get put there because that's where it's windy.

    From Tobermory, took the ferry to Manitoulin Island, then back to the mainland and southeast through Algonquin Park to Ottawa in time for their Bluesfest. Got to see the Duhks (one of my favorite Canadian groups). A little surprised, though, at who else was at the Bluesfest that night: KISS. Yep, that KISS, Gene Simmons' tongue and all.

    A fun week on the road!

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