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Thread: Gear Oil Change

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    Gear Oil Change

    Hi Folks,
    This Is my first R bike and I would like to change the transmission lube to synthetic. Can someone tell me how much body work and misc. parts need to be removed on a 1150RT to gain access to the drain and fill. Should I pack a lunch? Thanks in advance

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    You do not have to remove any bodywork to change the gear oil or for that matter the engine oil. The drain and fill plugs are on the right side of the transmission recessed into the foot peg plate.
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    Changing the transmission gear oil is very similar and just as easy as changing your engine oil. Check out the R-bike tech pages (and all of the other great stuff) at IBMWR:

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    You will need to fashion some kind of trough to keep the drained oil from running all over your exhaust system and the side plate. I use a piece of paper plate rolled to fit in the recess around the drain plug. Remove the fill plug first to let air in, and be sure the tranny is plenty warm. The BMW 75W140 synthetic gear oil is good stuff.
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