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Thread: New folks give us some info...Please?

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    New folks give us some info...Please?

    DarrylRi had posted this in the intro sticky...

    By filling out your profile, you make it possible for other members to help you out. Especially useful is supplying your location (eg, city and state). This will help responders know what resources, like dealers, vendors and events might be near enough to you to be worth suggesting. If you add your bike(s) to your signature, then it will help when you need to know something about them. You can access all of these features by clicking on the UserCP link at the top left of the page.

    Lot's of new members Not enough info

    We are NOT stalkers by any means, just would like to know what bike(s) you own and where you hang your hat as mentioned above...I also would like to know if I have a new neighbor down the road...

    I understand some folks like to be 'mysterious"...but we will figure it out sooner or later

    Anyways ...Welcome all!
    Steve Henson
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    Thanks for the reminder Steve.

    Also, a pic of your bike in your first post is greatly appreciated and will be admired by all.
    Ride Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ima4nr View Post
    Which one?????
    Why not all of them?
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