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    Smile Jack Daniels Distillery

    Seeing as how my latest trip to Fla. is a no go I find myself with a empty day I fugured I will take a ride to the Jack Daniels distellery for a tour. I will be leaving from Atlanta, anyone familar with any must ride, or nice roads between here and there? Just looking to kill a day, and maybe spend the night in the Tennesse area.

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    Sure. There are several good rides in that area. I grew up in Tullahoma, just up the road from there.

    If you are coming up I-24 from Chattanooga get off at the Monteagle/Sewanee exit. I think it's Hwy 41-A. Ride into Sewanee and the campus of the University of the South. It's a nice small college town that has an old English atmosphere. If you take the road along the side of the golf course it leads to an overlook from the top of the mountain.

    Follow Hwy 41-A down the mountain and you will come to Cowan and Winchester. Look for Hwy 64 out of Winchester toward Fayetteville. Tennessee has designated it as a "Scenic Highway" and the last time I was there it was. Along the way toward Fayetteville there are several side roads to small country towns, streams and waterfalls.

    Just outside of Fayetteville look for Hwy 50 to the right. That's the road to Lynchburg. Watch for the sign for Mulberry and turn to the right. The town is about the smallest I've ever been in and still be called a town. But lots of history there if you talk with the locals. Take a look at the statue in the middle of the town. My family tells me it's becoming some what of an artist community now.

    Once back on Hwy 50 it's a short ride to Lynchburg. The Distillery puts on a good tour and the visiter‘«÷s center is nicely done. They used to give away miniatures (airline bottles) but the county is dry so they had to stop. I have a couple of sterling silver bottle holders that they used to give away years ago. Really nice.

    Be sure to save some time to look around the Court House square, it is just like the advertisements show it as.

    From there you can ride to Tullahoma and take either Hwy 55E to Manchester and I-24 or the Arnold Center access road to I-24 and back to Atlanta.

    There are several more rides I could mention. Hwy 82 from Lynchburg to Shelbyville is another scenic highway. And there is the old Tullahoma road from Lynchburg and the old Manchester road from Tullahoma and the old‘«™.. well you get the idea. Oh, did I mention the old grist mills and the B&B‘«÷s? And if you are into airplanes there is a neat Staggerwing museum just off 55 in Tullahoma.

    That should fill your day! Drop me a note if you need some more ideas.

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    Nope that about fill that day....Thank you for the great info!!!!!!

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    My sister and brother-in-law own a little restaurant in Cowan, TN called "Platters". They aren't open on Saturday, but have a fantastic buffet on Sunday. Check it out if you can, and mention you heard about the restaurant from me... maybe you'll get a break on the $$$.

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    Be sure to buy beer before you hit the county line. Ironically enough, Lynchburg is in a dry county.

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    Thank you everyone for the great info, I had a great time. There is one small problem.....on the way home the final drive went out!!!!!! 100 miles from home, and boom.

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