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Thread: I realized a dream that most men have had.

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    I realized a dream that most men have had.

    This one is for the guys, although I think the woman will probably get a laugh out of it.

    So guys, you know the scenario, your wife/girlfriend/? has bought or selected something to wear. The process has been arduous, with many items selected and rejected. through the process you have been routinely queried as to what you think. And you have dutifully tried to pay attention and always find something nice to say, even going so far as to occasionally express an opinion of preferring one thing over another ( I always choose wrong there too). You have probably learned that "fine" as in, "you look fine honey" is a 4 letter word with a negative connotation (who knew?). Eventually the process ends, the blouse or pants or whatever are chosen as the least offensive alternative in the massive, nothing to wear, wardrobe, and life moves on.

    Well yesterday I did something I have always dreamed of doing. My wife was wearing a new shirt and she asked me what I thought of it. I thought it looked nice and fit her well and I told her so.

    And then.... the dreaded "are you sure" follow up question.

    In this case it was" Are you sure, It doesn't look like an old lady shirt does it?"
    Well I had already told her honestly that I liked it but this time something primeval, deep inside my maleness rose to the surface and I heard my own voice answer "actually honey, you're right, it makes you look 10 years older, accentuates the wrinkles on your face and adds 30 pounds" (all untrue by the way).

    We both stood there staring at each other in shock! Who said that? Did it really come out of me? I felt so liberated and so truly male at that moment. And then we both burst out laughing hysterically and life reverted back to the normal order of things.

    Ah, but for just that one moment...

    Man, it's a good thing she loves me.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Quote Originally Posted by PT9766 View Post
    I thought that politics - even family politics - was a prohibited subject on the forum.

    Also politically (in)correct statements.


    No politics involved. Our household is a Theocracy. She is the Divine Queen and I worship the ground she walks on. Really.
    Steve Marquardt

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    awww.... I want that-someday...soon!!

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    Sounds like a solid marriage. Communication has been troublesome since they built that tower in Babel.

    Congrats!, and though we cannot say so on this forum, praise God for His mercy.

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    Your a brave man, I would have gotten two black eyes and would have had to sleep in the Garage (man cave) for a week. LOL

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    Politics, religion, and relationships; ports the Truth rarely finds safe harbor in. Well done.

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    Just be careful if your coffee tastes a little different in the next couple of months. Ethylene Glycol make a good sweetener, until your liver fails

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    Having met the lady in question......I can visualize that exact conversation taking place. What you probably didn't mention, but I suspect was present, was an almost overwhelming sense of dread and fear..............until she laughed!
    It's wonderful to have a soulmate.

    Say Hi to her for me.

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    From the start i told my wonderful woman that the said item make her butt look big. She does not ask me any more!!!
    The only difference between me and a madman... is that I'm not mad...DALI
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    You speak freely with her, that is very good.
    You already know this is more than most men get - otherwise it would not be noteworthy enough to post, right?
    Hopefully you keep doing so - this is certainly a "use it or lose it" thing...

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    being the "fashionista" in my household i'm always getting asked about combination, concept and color. i can be a pretty picky bastard and am brutally honest. my girlfriend usually takes me shopping with her so i can critique, i think she appreciates it.

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    I get asked for color combinations, contrast and flow.

    Works well - have not had to double check coffee or check my brakes in years!
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    Maybe there's a bright side... She knows you haven't been replaced by the POD people.

    Isn't it great that we have those in our lives that keep us HONEST?

    "The TRUTH will set you FREE....but FIRST it will make you MISERABLE..."

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    Hey all; I guess I'm one of those weird guys that doesn't mind shopping with the wife. (What? Me, weird? Nah!!) I blessed with a wife that (1) doesn't shop all that often, and (2) when she does, it's almost always at a Goodwill store. She has recently been dieting with some of her co-workers and has lost 30 pounds. I promised her a new wardrobe and she's going to make a Goodwill run with her daughter in law next week end. Got to love a frugal woman like that!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    What can I say? My wife's ADVRider alias is "FatWife" (she is anything but, BTW and we always get a kick out of the reaction we get from strangers when I introduce her that way). If you can't joke with the person you are spending your life with, you need to find a way to open that facet of communication.

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