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    cool camera

    I bought a Vivitar-vivcam 8400 underwater camera. I pack It in a neropreme bag, and It's rugid, easy to clean. I just toss it in my fairing pocket,and it takes great pics and up to 10 min. video streams. It's waterproof to 30 ft deep . It cost 100.00 bucks. any feedback from anybody?? It's beer spillproof too!!

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    The small waterproof camera market is getting larger, I wonder what the driver is? The reviews of the 8400 on amazon weren't exactly glowing, you seem to like what your getting, what are/were your expectations for the camera? Post a few as examples?

    I have an old Pentax WR Optio that has proven to be fairly robust, though the unprotected lens has taken enough of a beating that I'm in the market for another. My GF has a waterproof olympus that seems to be pretty decent. Decisions, decisions...
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