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Thread: 1150 GS IPOD System

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    1150 GS IPOD System

    any suggestions/results for a good quality IPOD mount with 2 amplified speakers on an 1150GS ?

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    Welcome to the forum. There are several solutions for mounting an iPod.

    You can buy a case from your electronics retailer that fits your particular model iPod and then use a Velcro type of material ( wouldn't recommend Velcro itself since not strong enough) and then mount where convenient.

    Or, you can go to Cycle Gadgets or Touratech and get a more substantial specific mount that works with a RAM system as shown below.

    I personally like the Monster? iEZClick™ Here you can mount your iPod internally (under seat or glove box type deal) and out of sight from rain or public view and then mount this remote controller with easy reach with your left hand to change songs forward or back, adjust volume, pause and play, or turn off and on. Works great with big heavy gloves which your iPod won't when mounted in a cradle. The iPods/iPhones work off of the electric conductivity of your skin so can be hit or miss with gloved hands. The EZclick is even better if you switch to shuffle mode without the need to go digging into all your various play lists while riding. Yikes !

    Lastly, unless you like riding under 30mph to hear your music through speakers, you might want to go the earphone route even if you have strong speakers with a strong amp. Could be tough to hear at higher speeds.
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