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    prowling prague

    I'm new to this club but a diehard bmw fan. I've got 3 now and that's not enough. My girlfriend and I want to spend a week in prague, czech republic, this august and don't even know where to start about renting a good bike, hopefully from a reputable source, and where to tour and stay while there. I joined this club thinking somebody out there might have done this before and I could learn. Any thoughts or ideas?

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    Welcome to the BMW MOA forum. there are a lot of folks here who have been touring in Europe and I will bet you will find someone who can answer soem questions for you. Try posting in the Campfire area as well for more specific euro touring info. Also the ride and tour section on this web site
    may have some useful info.

    Once again... Welcome!
    Steve Marquardt

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    Be sure to go to the Transportation Museum. They have lots of bikes, a prewar Mercedes GP car and a few Tatras. Out of the way, but Nice.
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