Joel; All I've done to the gas cap so far is remove the inside filler flap thingy. Ive seen a couple of photos of bikes (K75Ss) with chromed gas caps which is an attractive option. I didn't realize that the stock cap is powdercoated; I actually thought it was some kind of super hard, solvent-resistant ABS plastic!

Wonder how hard it is to remove the lock from it? I'll take a close look at it and see if I can figure that out firsthand.

I could then take it down to a local sandblasting place and have it done (sodablasting preferred, of course). Then I'd have to ship it off to the mainland for chroming unless I could get it done in Honolulu for a reasonable cost.
I recall hearing of a recommendation of a place in Ohio that was really good for MC parts, inexpensive and fast turnaround time so I'll look into that (was on ADVRider a while back) if I decide to go ahead.

It just occurred to me that the gas cap might also be aluminum, in which case, well...I'll give you one guess as to what I would do to it if is......

Guess I better go get the fridge magnets right now and check it out!