Just joined up. I live just 35 miles or so from the gap and spent some years up there and the surrounding area learning to ride. Sold my 07 600RR off earlier this week, man that was hard. That was my dream sportbike. I had grown tired of missing out on the ride and acting like a hooligan. What really put me over the edge was a couple of road trips I took with a good friend during the spring and had a blast, although a bit (well a lot) uncomfortable on the RR for any major miles. Decided to get out of that racket and get on a bike that I could enjoy a bit of on/off road and bring my wife along on some road trips. Looking to get a 08 or newer 1200GS. If you know of any within a day or two trip of me, send the sellers my way.

Been planning a trip out west since last year with the same buddy above, so hope to take this bike through a good many miles.