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Thread: Dayton, OH - Knoxville, TN route

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    Dayton, OH - Knoxville, TN route

    I will be attending the Johnson City Rally and leaving there for a famiy get together in Tipp City, OH. Returning to GA via the Knoxville area.

    I believe I will be taking 23 from Johnson City into Ohio and work my way over into Tipp City via 68, 235 and 571.

    Any ideas of a good route from Tipp City down to Knoxville would be appreciated. I plan to avoid the slab, if at all possible and am looking for a relatively direct route. Will be highly appreciative of any suggestions

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    Make your way from Tipp City down to Cincinnati and pick up 27 south of Cincinnati. It will take you just to the west of Knoxville. Nice ride through Kentucky. Not a superslab, but there are a few four lane sections here and there. Keeps you off the freeway and goes through some pretty country.

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    You did not mention how creative you are wanting to ride. If you want some twisties, moving into West Virginia will give you some better road if you want to test some curves. I rode from Dayton through Johnson City last fall. I dropped from Dayton east of Cincinatti then followed the river to Portsmouth. Nice casual ride with great scenery. There I crossed the river into Kentucky and found a few more challenging road. Then I crossed over into WV at Huntingdon and headed in every direction imaginable through the mountains. Not much traffic on the roads and interesting scenery also. I was able to get some really good twisties all the way down through Virginia.

    Before I left Dayton, I did pick up a very good map with some of these routes already done for you. See Mad Maps I was able to connect several of the routes they had to work my way down.


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    US 27 route

    I agree with Navydad. US27 through Kentucky and Tennessee and on into Georgia is a great ride. You didn't say where you were going in Georgia, which might change the answer. I live in Berea, KY, just south of Lexington and grew up in northwest Georgia.

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    Thanks all for the suggestions. I have my route planned and found all suggestions helpful.

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