I plan to take most of your route, thanks for all the info especially the little info guy
I did not know about him.

Hope to see you at the Rally, I'm volunteering at the registration booth Thursday
12:00 to 4PM and Friday 8 to 12:00PM

Cliff McEwen

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Rt. 91 is an awesome backroad, but it is pretty degraded in the higher elevations with a single lane pave and hard-pack making up the rest of the road. You can always skip it by taking a left on (great road in its own right!) Rt. 16 in Frog Level and joining up Rt. 42 about 10 miles earlier than if you were to take Rt. 91. The entire length of Rt. 91 is covered by Google Street View (drag the little yellow guy at the top of the scale to the road and you can see the actual road) so you can "preview" it and see if you want to take it.

Go to GoogleMaps and go to this section of West Virginia. Look to the left for the little yellow "Street View" guy:

Click on him and drag him to the road you want to see:

Here you can see the road approach to the ridge lines - it is a bit narrow in this part but in good shape and lots of fun.

Here in this part you are up in the views at the top of the peak - it is single-lane somewhat degraded pavement with hard-pack sides, but still a lot of fun.

I was last through here a few years ago and my Delorme notes are that is is winding with great views and lots of "oldness" to the countryside. If you are riding fast and making miles, think about taking Rt. 16.