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Thread: Ignition Switch Wiring Help.

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    Ignition Switch Wiring Help.

    Hello All. New member here. I pulled my old R90/6 out of mothballs last week, in storage since 1985. Fortunately the motor is still free and most everything else is OK.

    The only exception to OK is the wiring. Not sure what happened over the years but I need some help wiring the ingnition (key) switch. Can someone give me the correct wiring for the key switch? I looked at the wiring diagram but don't understand the correct order for the wires. My switch is a 5 pole.

    Thanks. Carhauler.

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    I don't know that I've seen a /6 wiring diagram on-line. Here's a /7 one; ignition switch is in the lower left corner:

    That might be of some help. I have more specific wiring diagrams at home.
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    Here is the way my '74 R75/6 is set up.
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    Thanks Guys, this is exactly what I'm looking for. My Clymer manaul is not clear on the key switch wiring.

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