Just because I have not owned something does not mean I cannot have an opinion about it. I know many people that have purchased BMW gear and love it, while others have tried it and found that it did not last or work any better than lesser priced gear. Maybe I am just too practical and would rather spend the extra cash on other things that are more important to me.

When I bought my Belstaff gear, I could have purchased BMW gear for quite a substantially higher price. one of my friends did. I still use that same Belstaff gear, 30 years later. My friend replaced his BMW gear about 20 years ago....with Belstaff.

For your information, Belstaff was making motorcycle gear long before BMW ever did. They started making waterproof clothing in 1924 and have made gear specifically for motorcycling at that time. They have gone through many changes over the years, stopped selling to North America for a while, but they are still in business. Still making quality gear for reasonable prices.

When I bought my last Joe Rocket riding jacket, BMW had a similar one for about twice the price. I could not substantiate the extra cost when comparing the two. Both would do the exact same job and both were just as comfortable in the store and fit about the same. I saw no reason to pay the higher price. From my now 4 years with the Joe Rocket jacket, I see no wear on it other than it is now even more comfortable as it now seems to have formed to my body. I am certain that the BMW jacket would have done the same.

So, if all things are basically equal, I see no reason to pay 2-3 times the price just because it comes from the BMW store. Pricing for BMW stuff in Canada is really very crazy.

And the most comfortable gear I have is 30 year old leathers that I had custom made. Surprisingly, they still fit. The company that made them is still in business as well. If I ever feel I need to replace them, I will go back to Montreal and have another set made.