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Thread: Helmets with air vents

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    Dale Rudolph
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    Helmets with air vents

    I am thinking of getting a new helmet and have never had one with the adjustable
    air vents. Any positive or negitive thoughts from those who have them? Thanks for any input.

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    Have had all Nolan models,100E, 102 and now a 103( no long rides in it yet and the vents are different) and a Caberg...If they vent ,I cannot tell a diff.It feels good opening them but I personally cannot feel the flow...I wear a wicking stocking cap so maybe that stops any sensation.

    That's my story
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    The vents on my Arai Quantum II are great. You can feel the airflow and if I forget them in the closed position, my head will itch and sweat. Opening them solves the problem quickly. It also has vents on the visor and chin.
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
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    The vents on my Scorpion EXO-700 are excellent. "Adjustable" is too subtle if you ask me. Either open them or not. Need less airflow? Don't open all of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    The vents on my Scorpion EXO-700 are excellent. "Adjustable" is too subtle if you ask me. Either open them or not. Need less airflow? Don't open all of them.
    The word "adjustable" threw me a little, too. If you're just asking about helmets that ventilate well, my Shoei X-11 vents very well. One vent up top, and one vent down low. Opens and closes on the front and the back.
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    I have an HJC FS10. It does not vent well in my opinion.

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    We both are on our second Arai helmets, mine's a "Profile" and hers is a "Vector".
    Both are well vented, and don't get sweaty or smelly inside even during all-day rides in our hot western summers.
    The only issue or inconvenience to the vents is cleaning bugs out. Q-tips & toothpicks work.

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    If you are looking for maximum venting, not to mention a rather "unique" look, check out Givi X.01. Here is a link:

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    I find that air flow is directly propotional to where my windscreen is set at.

    With the shield set to have the air stream hit me around the forehead the vents work well (Nolan 102).

    If i have the screen up so the air goes over my head - the vents do work to well as there is not to much air flow in the pocket behind the screen.

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    If you stand around for a bit with your helmet on and get a little hot and sweaty .... well, this is the best time to notice the venting, i.e. when you then start riding.
    Kent Christensen
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    Arai Vector

    I can't tell you how many helmets I've had over the years, but the Arai Vector is the best ventilated of all of them. If I accidentally leave the vents open on a cold morning, I actually have to close them for comfort.

    '06 Triumph Scrambler (Trans-Labrador veteran)

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    This is so cool

    I love this thing. Darth Rider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vectorprime27 View Post
    If you are looking for maximum venting, not to mention a rather "unique" look, check out Givi X.01. Here is a link:

    Does anybody have the Givi X.01? Comments?
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    Shoei X-11

    Getting a little dated....but VERY satisfied with airflow (& quietness) of my Shoei X-11!! get's a little warm down here! (but at least it's a wet heat!)
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    In the desert SW, vented helmets distinguish themselves. I have Shoei X11 and RF1000, and an Arai Quantum II. They all vent enough to sense good air flow. The most notable flow comes with the X11, yet, it is as quiet as the others. But, sealing all those air ports in cold weather is also important. All three of the aforementioned are excellent in that regard.

    Good quality helmets do not transfer heat, regardless of color, to the degree of older models. This, I presume, is a measure of the quality of the foam liner. I've placed thermometers under white and black Shoei RF1000 while in direct sunlight for 15 mintues at 110 degrees. No temperature increase difference between the two. I believe the Arai would perform in similar fashion.

    If riding in hot areas during the summer, it is a good practice to rotate helmet useage to preclude a permeable stench. Having removable liners, ala Quantum II and X-11 is an important feature. The liners can be handwashed and any accumulation of sweat and/or oils removed. Motorex Helmet Care can refreshen helmet liners, too, by simply spraying the liner, let sit and wipe clean.

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