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This is especially true on lower speed stops on gravel, when the gravel "piles" in front of the tire and acts as a dam to stop the tire. ABS cannot always respond without some tire slide. Do not put all your faith in ABS. Its also why the GS series bikes have an ON/OFF function for the ABS when riding on loose surfaces.
Andy, thanks for explaining the gravel piling in front of the wheel, now I know what to expect when I am in gravel which I have been putting off, just noob jitters and not wanting to drop the bike again, even though I think as any other new rider it is possible. While the damage from the drop was not severe, I really want to get her back to looking new again, but have been cautioned to wait. I'll have to try some gravel next. EVO brakes I still would think would be good for the originator of this thread. -D