I am in the market for a new/used bike and want to know if I should consider the assisted braking system in my decision. From what I have read, people have not liked the "power brakes" because they can grab too quickly for low speed maneuvering. I gather this is why BMW dropped the feature.

I have lost finger and as a result I can only cover the brake with one finger. That is fine in normal circumstances, but in an emergency, I have to take my have off the throttle and hook all finger around the lever for powerful braking. This takes too much time for emergencies, but I have not known what I might do about it. Enter power brakes. Have not ridden one of these machines, but do they work in such a way that I could brake more powerfully with one finger?

If so, I will need to know which bikes and years came with servo-assisted brakes. Any help appreciated.