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Thread: seat for 2008 R1200GS

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    seat for 2008 R1200GS

    I own a 2008 R1200GS with 6000miles. and a stock seat.I now realize I need a different seat to reduce pain.Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Ed

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    Rick Mayer stock rebuild on my RT. Looks great and you can ride all day. Highly recommend. Price is good, Quality great!

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    Do a search here and on the GSpot forum at ADVrider. There are a number of threads, posts, and reviews here, and a ton of them on ADVrider. Check ADVrider's Equipment forum, too, but GSpot will be more specific for you.

    The most popular non-custom after-market seats are Sargent and Corbin. Touratech, Cee Bailey, and Wunderlich make them, too. I'm sure there are others out there.

    The big names you see for custom seats are Bill Mayer, Rick Mayer, Russell Day Long, and Rich's Custom Seats. They all have web sites. For the custom seats you'll need to send them your stock pan, and while they work on it you won't be able to ride. Best to send it to them during the winter when they're not as busy.

    In my experience, stock BMW seats are awful. I put a Sargent on my R1150R and I have one on my R1200GS, too. The stock 12GS seat started to hurt after less than an hour, and a 200 mile ride was pure torture. The Sargent made 200 miles easy, and a 400 mile day doable, but it still won't do for anything over 500 miles. Ultimately, I think I'll send my stock pan to Russell and have it done right. I'd have done that originally, but I didn't want to be without my bike for a month. If I do send it to Russell I'll just keep riding with the Sargent, then sell the Sargent when Russell completes the seat.

    BTW, I can't tell from your profile where you live, but all the custom guys I mentioned are on the west coast (Russell and both Mayers are in California, Rich's is in the Seattle area). If you live out there I'd highly recommend making an appointment to drive out and get it custom made personally.

    Also, before you fork over ~$400+, try a couple of the cheaper solutions that have worked for others. Alaska Buttpad, beads from BeadRider (which I have on my Sargent), Airhawk, etc..., all have worked for a lot of people, and all cost around $50 or less.

    Good luck, and tell us about your choice!
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    I hear you. I did my first long trip on my 05 GS, 4000 km and I came back wanting a new seat and a higher windscreen. Seems like all the custom seat guys are in California. I'm thinking of trying either an Airhawk or a Freedom Air as a stop gap measure.

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