I've had my bike about two months, finding out what the PO did right and what I have to undo. He had mentioned that he had just done the rear brakes as well as having the final drive rebuilt. My mileage has always been 33-35 mpg, not good for my type of driving so I began looking at the wheels to see if the bearings or brakes were binding.
The front spins good- the back not so much. Not sure how much the final drive slows the wheel down so I was just going to pull the brake pads and spin it. No dust cover on the top of the brakes. I checked the front two - one did and one didn't.
My question is how serious is this? Before I order covers, do I need to plan on rebuilding my calipers? Just wash it down with brake cleaner? Besides a slight squeak part of the time and the lousy mileage, the bike runs and stops great.