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Thread: New Member and No Bike

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    New Member and No Bike

    Most pleased to be a member of the AZBeemer org and the BMW MOA groups. SLight glitch - no BMW yet.
    Last year I just came back to the bike world and started out on a new KLR 650.

    Now in the mode of deciding do I dual sport it with an 800 or shift into an R12GS Adventure.

    Looking at doing a 2000 mile "backroads" trip on the KLR and deciding go heavy or F800GS.

    I enjoy the reasonable fire roads in AZ but have tired of the complex trails.

    I will keep reading and anyone who has been through the 800 and 1200 issue please toss in your thoughts.


    PS If I put a BMW logo on the KLR will that make it ride nicer on a long trip? :>)

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    Welcome to the club.

    I have the F800GS, never considered the 1200. For me, the 800 is the perfect choice since I also have an R1100RS to compliment it for road trips. The 800 is a bit more agressive for the back roads then the 1200 and much lighter than the Adventure. But in the end, any of the GS bikes will do pretty much the same job, it really comes down to which one you like best. You may even want to consider the F650GS single or the new variant the G650GS.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    I can't wait to retire and have a fixed income. The one I have now is always broke.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Interesting dilema.

    The 800 just got Bike of the Year, looks great, but the tank like GSA has a lot going for it.

    I would go with the GSA.

    In the end let us know your choice and post a picture of it.

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Interesting dilemma. You could get an F800 and then add one of those 8 gallon tanks made for the F650/800 twin and F800 by Tourtech.

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    Welcome to the forum. I wish I had your problem.

    Recently rode with a group which included the 800. Very nice machine and I think I would lean that way if I had to choose if for no other reason than the looks appeal to me.

    Be sure to post pics of your new ride when you get it.
    Ride Well

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    Hi Tom, welcome aboard!

    I wore a helmet with the Roundel on it when riding my V-strom, didn't seem to make a difference (it was a good bike either way). Not sure what it might do for the KLR.

    As far as R1200GS vs F800GS, I would make the decision based on the on to off road proportion of your riding. The more off you do, the more the F800GS is probably the better choice.

    While I haven't purchased either, I thought through that decision myself and concluded that for myself, the R1200GS would be the better choice since the only off road riding I would do would be dirt roads and wery well developed trails (basically logging road type stuff) as part of touring. Fun choice to have though, let us know how it turns out.
    Steve Marquardt

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    I HAVE both;

    '08 KLR650 and '07 GSA1200! Kind of lucky...Wife and I toured 5000 miles last year, she on the new KLR, me the GSA1200. Perfect all the way, both bikes touring together. Wife loves the KLR, me too. The KLR is an exceptional ride and we fixed ours up a bit with Jesse luggage. Real NICE! Comparisons; The KLR is a TON better off road, vs the GSA1200. Both go to "tough" off road places , but the KLR is BETTER at it. The GSA is a road warrior, with some pretty darn average/good dirt skills. KLR is a real good road warrior with "exceptional" dirt skills....WE ran into more KLR riders out there last year than we figured we'd see, touring far from their homes, all packed up. A REAL fine bike, in that Kawasaki. And only 5500$+, with toys added. Randy

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