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Thread: Highway pegs

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    Highway pegs

    Any suggestions for pegs for a R1150RT?

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    I suggest Floorboards. I put a set on my 99 RT and love them!!! you can really move your feet around for better comfort on that long trip. Highway pegs just don't work well on a RT IMHO.I have them on my Harley, but on the RT your seating position is alot different. I took a very serious look at them before saying no. I set on a couple of RT's with Highway pegs, and found that the fairing is wide, so you need to wrap your legs around it. also with my feet on the Highway pegs, I was sitting right on my tailbone. there are probley some people out there that will attack me for my comments, but so be it. this is just my opinion. besides I'm tough, I can take it...Kenny...

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    Elf Pegs. I have a 2004 R1150RT and am very happy with them. They are especialy great on hot days you can get the air to blow right up your pant legs which is quite refreshing.

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    I have Sahara Pegs on my R1200RT. I agree with the post above that they are difficult to use due to the width of the fairing. I also found that when you use them your feet and legs disrupt the airflow around the bike causing more wind noise and making the bike more difficult to handle. That being said, I do use them on long deadhead interstate days.

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    I mounted a set of Kury Aykn folding pegs on Wunderlich crash bars. I used them for several thousand miles - including a 1200 mile road trip.

    They are now setting in a drawer in the garage. They ruined my posture on the bike and wound up making me less comfortable. I've not used ELF pegs but they look like they might work a bit better than my set-up.

    I've discovered that what works best for me on a long ride is to maintain good posture while in the saddle and to frequently stretch all four limbs.

    My stretching routine includes standing on the pegs with heels dropped, reaching to the rear rack and gently pulling on it with one arm and then the other, and hyper-flexing each leg by raising a knee toward my chest.

    If I do this routine every 20 to 30 minutes I can stay on the bike till the tank runs dry or the bladder fills up - whichever comes first.
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