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Thread: "harshest penalty structure ever set"

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    When a highway construction site appears to be shut down, there still may be some workers around. Surveyors may be working outside of normal hours to avoid conflicts with machinery. Inspectors may be doing site and material checks after the contractor's people have gone home.

    A quiet construction site may not be an inactive one.

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    Hey ............. I work behind those barriers in Construction Zones....
    Please Be Careful....I wanna go home at night...

    Oh and by the way.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    And for all your bluster and argument you chose to ignore the thrust of what bothers me with speeders in active construction zones.
    I didn't need to mention it because I agreed with it.

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    Now we have a newspaper article up saying you'll have pretty fair warning up if the van is there. You will see a electronic radar sign (like in school zones) to warn you, and shortly after that the photo van. If you get it backed down right away you should be OK. Couldn't find the exact article online, but is similar to this one:
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    Radar detector works fine. Got multiple "Hits" Yesterday.

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