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Thread: Titanic Tank for Twins Touring

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    Titanic Tank for Twins Touring

    Seattle, WA - Touratech-USA introduces an oversized fuel tank kit for the BMW F800GS and F650GS twin cylinder motorcycles. The kit includes the additional tank, supply lines and fittings for a gravity-feed connection to the stock under-seat tank. The tank is crafted from nearly indestructible Polyamide Nylon, the same material used for car bumpers. The combined volume of 9.5 gallons (36 liters) more than doubles the mileage range over the 4.2 gallon stock fuel capacity making the F800/650GS motorcycles capable of long distance adventure riding.

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    At that price, I'll take two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bicyclist View Post
    At that price, I'll take two.
    +1. On the other hand, it does fix a major shortcoming of the bike, imho.
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    $1985.50 painted to match my bike.... it's only money - go for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    +1. On the other hand, it does fix a major shortcoming of the bike, imho.
    Tom, you must have an iron butt. 4.2 gallons at 60 mpg is plenty for me!

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