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Ted and Greg, thanks for the information about the Netbooks and amazing prices in HDs (especially for PC/Linux users). I'd contemplated a SSHD for my new MacBook Pro but Apple isn't exactly known for it's deep discounts and it's base offerings are a mere 128 or 256GB (so Serial ATA for me).
I know what you mean about Apple discounts. That's why I shop places like Newegg and Other World Computing for Mac stuff. Depending on the MacBook you have, a hard drive installation is a breeze. You could probably get by with the 13.3" MacBook instead of the more expensive 15.4" model. Just get a video adapter and run a second monitor for the Adobe CS apps. Oh yeah, max out the RAM. That will help with Photoshop, InDesign, etc.

If you're just doing email, web, and simple docs, a netbook looks like the best option. Some will even run Leopard. BoingBoing has a great chart with info on what works. The Dell Mini 9 and Lenovo S10 look to be the best bets to run OSX.