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Thread: Detroit Metro Airport motorcycle parking

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    Detroit Metro Airport motorcycle parking

    Has anyone here parked their motorcycle at the McNamara terminal garage at Detroit Metro Airport? For those of you who don't know, they offer free motorcycle parking at the airport. I'm taking a trip soon and to save some cash I was going to ride up. I have plenty of space on the rear rack of the GSPD for my carry-on, and all my gear except for my helmet can go into the saddlebags. Carrying on the helmet is a small price to pay to save $120 ($20/day to park in that garage with a cage), and it's a direct flight so I won't be lugging the thing around very far.

    I'm curious about security. I have a disc lock for the bike and I have some padlocks to help hold the saddlebags shut, but I'm wondering if I should go all out and put a cable lock through the wheels and to the frame to keep anyone from stealing the wheels or something. I kind of doubt it's going to be a big problem in the garage with video cameras around, but I still worry a little.

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    I'd like to save the bucks too but I know that I would worry the whole time. It's probably safe. But that's what your thinking too...

    If you want that warm and fuzzy feeling that your bike is safe and sound on your trip I live in Dearborn (15 minutes away from the airport) and I have a garage.

    If you want to talk more you can send a PM.
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