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Thread: First SS1000

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    What I was actually thinking of was that the carcass was not concentric with the outer tread surface. I can't think of any way to wear a perfect tire to get what GSTom described. I'm suggesting the tire could have been defective.

    If the tread rubber was a constant thickness when the tire was new (which it should be, ideally) then the total circumference of the tire should wear evenly.

    Since the final condition of the tire was to have 0.0" of tread for 2/3 of the tire, and "acceptable" tread depth for 1/3, then something had to be out-of round, somewhere.

    The minimum base gauge (from the bottom of the rain groove to the top of the plies was likely .06" or so, plus the depth of the groove itself (hopefully .06 or so, according to Lincoln's scalp), for a total of .12" or 1/8" tread.

    Just the variation in tread depth, and therefore mass, *should* have created a noticable vibration.

    **** sorry for the long-winded explanation ****
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    Reply to Flash 412 comment

    Flash412 said
    "My guess is that he left with too little meat on a tire for a 1k ride and probably didn't have it properly inflated to begin with."

    Flash could have a point here. The bike was fairly new to the owner (purchased used in June) with a tire model that he had not used before and with an unknown previous mileage on that particular tire. Tread depth was merely checked visually beforehand, rather than using a depth gauge.

    Pressure was checked the night before the ride. However the temperature at the start of the ride @ 0540 was in the upper 50's/ lower 60's, at mid-day when the problem was discovered was closer to 90 after 460 miles of spirited riding. The pressure in the heated tire could be considerably higher than when checked the night before.

    The rider had not noticed any particular vibration prior to the discovery of the problem.

    Lesson learned: pay attention to the details. We were fortunate to find the failure the way we did rather than in an unpleasant alternative way involving pain, injury, and bike damage.

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    GS Tom - Congratulations on your SS and thanks for sharing the great report!

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    I have to agree with boxergrrlie. Congratulations on your succesful ride with your son. Nobody likes to be put under under a microscope, But your honesty and openness will make a better newbe rider like myself a safer rider thanks GS Tom

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    Smile Re: tire failure

    Originally posted by GS Tom

    PS Gene: I used to live in Ames. Graduated from ISU in 1980. Lived in Pammel Court. Rode a 1952 Harley panhead with factory sidecar. Great memories.
    Go Clones!

    My wife and I spent Labor Day weekend in Ames this year. Yes, it's a tourist destination too.

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    Great Report

    Congradulations! Great ride finished with a great report!

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