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Thread: Deer!

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    Texas is full of whitetail as well...a few mule deer west & south. This year the drought is even worse and the deer are moving at all times of the day...used to be dusk & dawn as normal. We have them in the yard two three times a day foraging for food & water... I quit hunting many years ago, the neighbors haven't.
    I avoid the night driving unless necessary since they just come out of nowhere.

    Near Austin & San Antonio the cities continue to expand into natural habitat and everyone gripes about the deer, the feral hogs( don't hit one of those tanks!), and the coyotes.
    Have made contact with GS and with Dodge...made it OK so far...the GS hit was a broadside at low speed..the deer broadsided me I should say.
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    Hey all; Here in Northern Michigan, the darn things wonder through the center of town as if they own the place. I won't ride after dark anymore unless I have no other recourse. As far as other predators go, the locals seem to get as upset by the prospect of wolves or (God forbid!!) mountain lions being reintroduced into the area. Of course, most of the ones who whine the loudest about the predators, are the same ones who feed these overgrown rats in their backyards. Give me my 30-30 darn it!! Vaya con Dios, Dutch

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    Unfortunately I too had a bad encounter with a deer in Aug. 07 and am still recovering physically almost two years later.

    I have been testing a new product called the Hornet Electronic Deer Whistle and can say it works! Five times during my test I saw deer on the side of the road nibbling the grass and turned the unit on. Immediately they looked up and walked back into the woods. This has happened each and every time. I highly recommend it. (No affiliation to the company)

    As a hunter, I would rather see those deer in my freezer than in my headlight.

    Ride safe, and watch for those hoof rats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_M View Post
    but hunters, want close and easy kills so the deer populations are allowed to grow excessivly high to keep hunters from complaining
    That's completely made up and ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_M View Post
    but hunters, want close and easy kills so the deer populations are allowed to grow excessivly high to keep hunters from complaining.
    Really? I heard that swine flu is being allowed to spread to keep the doctors from complainig!!! Good Lord......

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    Just finished the Lake Superior Circle Tour this week and we had 2 close calls with deer at 10:00am each time! First one was outside of Sault Ste Marie and the other was leaving Bayfield.

    '02 R1150RT

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    Had a full size doe run out in front of me around 6:30 tonight. Fortunately, it was on one of Wisconsin's "Rustic Roads", which has a low speed limit, and I had plenty of time to react. Makes you think though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwdean View Post
    In Wisconsin, about a half-dozen motorcycle riders each year die in collisions with white-tailed deer. If you ride in Wisconsin, you WILL dodge deer. Wild turkey have become a problem as well.
    I live in WI and I have hit four deer in my cars - none on a bike thank God. I fear deer far more than cagers, road debris, etc. The other night I pushed it to get home (18 hour ride from SD) and found myself breaking my cardinal rule - no riding at night. The main reason for that rule (for me) is deer. I felt as though I was playing Russian Roulette. At any moment I knew a deer could spring out of the tree lined median (I-90) and I would have zero time to react. I did make it obviously, but I saw 2 deer on a slower 2 lane hwy that evening. Not close calls really, but I can thank PIAA for that.

    I'm considering taking up hunting and just letting the giant rats just lay where they drop.

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    Up here in Northeast Michigan the deer are in pocket's. Some areas you do not see any. Then in some areas they are grouped like cattle.
    The Michigan DNR has truly made a mess of the deer hunting in this state. We are not allowed to bait deer during hunting season so, that means the deer will go to the farm's and eat with the cow's. It is not unusual to see several deer grazing with cattle.
    Then the DNR came up with early hunting which in turn spooks the deer into the thick swamps. They will stay there until the noise in the woods diminishes.
    What really torques me off is the flatlanders coming up here and trespassing on my property. Every deer season I catch some drunken idiot carrying a rifle on my property. I have signs posted all over. That does not help.
    In our case up here is poor deer management by the Michigan DNR. Deer season in Michigan is now dictated by laim politician's and the insurance industry.
    Just be very careful where ever you ride. Avoid early morning and late evening riding. Even during the mid-day, deer are out. Scan the both sides of the road at all times. If you see one deer crossing the road, be prepared for more to follow.
    That is just a small touch of avoiding deer/motorcycle pia's.

    Take Care & Ride Safe
    Pat Carol
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    there are too many deer and too few predators (hunters)
    When it is all said and done, it comes down to land access. As the farms, ranches and woodlands are taken over by homeowners, and hunting activity is denied, the deer populations explode.

    I was invited to participate in a deer eradication program in Lime CT a few years back. A bunch of multi millionaires took a huge chunk of land and built McMansions on it. At first they loved the deer in the yards, then Lime disease flourished and the home owners got nervous, but when the deer started to eat the cedar siding off the houses, something had to be done. Everything was tried and in the end hunters were called in and delt with the problem..........
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    They do Millions in Auto insurance damage and deaths in Texas each year. .... Of course I'm talking about the DEER.

    We are moving into THEIR habitat.... I agree we need to "take over the wolf's bloody business."

    A friend was riding with me in the Hill Country once and noticed all the red and fur on the road.

    He asked.."What do you guys feed the deer to make them EXPLODE like that?"

    I answered... "Ranch Hand delivered by Ford, Chevy or Dodge."

    Da...mned Horned Rats.. Kill 'em all.

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