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Thread: 2005 Rally Point of Intrest

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    Thumbs up Ohio roads

    Although greater metropolitan Lima is in Ohio's flat, rectangular cornpatch, Ohio has some terrific riding roads. I'm sure some of my fellow statesmen will be telling you about them. But until you hear more, consider almost any Ohio highway with three digits to be a good candidate - and in particular, check out OH 555 and OH 550 - both in southeastern Ohio. Look closely at a side trip over to Hocking county, where the roads are all crooked, and all the hills are good looking.

    The section of Amish country around Millersburg is gorgeous. Remember to take the back roads (Shaw's Law number 16: "All roads go somewhere - usually"). Don't be afraid of getting lost - it's more fun if you do. Do be careful of the horse drawn buggies and carts, though. With you doing the speed limit (oh, sure!) and them clipping along at 5 mph, they come up fast. And, while not as slick as goose crap, horse manure lacks traction [zing, thunk, ouch]

    A terrific day's ride is OH 93 south to OH 555 south to the Ohio River to 7 (to Marietta) to OH 26 north to OH 800 north. Get off at 250, and visit nearby Mathias BMW (my favorite dealer in four states). Tell owner Gene Robinson and techs Dave and Jamie I said hello - and to offer you the free synthetic air they give to all who mention my name.

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    Hi Jim:
    I just posted about some of those roads!! Ha! Great minds.............

    Scroll down a bit and you'll see it.

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    Post HELP WANTED - Writers!

    Help Wanted!

    One of the most important tasks RIGHT NOW is getting some articles written for publication in the BMW ON and for the Web Page.

    Don't be shy, boys and girls! You club needs you!!!

    We need articles about good roads to ride TO the rally. We need articles about good places to see while AT the rally.

    Although this forum is a wonderful place for those of us who read it, there is a HUGE segment of the MOA membership who are missing this.

    SO -- Do you have an MOA number? (need that to be published)
    Do you have an idea for an article? Please let me know if you are ready to help out with this task.

    Sue Rihn #43753
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