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Thread: Best bike ever

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    Best bike ever

    Ok the REST of the STORY, Ive have been riding this R Sport, WOW its amazing, I was allittle timid in March - April, well now the chiken strips got initiated to the edge, 155mph in the straight at very little throttle and no time to get there, done that once thats fast enough for this old boy, then a young bmw rider passed me on a gs at a club ride event, it did not take me long , well at 110mph in the corners as im hanging off the bike, by this time he is in my mirrors way back there, now that was fun, to be able to show those young wipper snappers us older riders still got it, well ill never be the same again, by far I made the perfect right choice for me, I ride my bike without getting off the saddle except for lunch 8-10 hours in ths saddle, the stock seat is perfect, the stock windcscreen is better than the k1200s, up to 75mph with my full face visor up before it snaps down perfect clean smooth air, perfect seating position no modifiations needed,the bike is so nimble and light and responsive, I absolutly fell in Love with this one, OK this may be wierd to you reading this, on one absolutly beautiful country canyon road called deadmans creek road at the end of the canyon of about 35 miles of high speed canyon carving twisties with perfectly banked corners here in Washington State I actually got off my bike got on the ground face down and kissed the pavement, this is the only bike that made me feel so good inside,this K1200R Sport by far has to be the best factory stock bike ive ever ridden to date, the only bike i have not ridden is the hp2 and the r1200st, s1000r....Matthew

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