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Thread: cee bailey seats

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    cee bailey seats

    has anyone tried baileys seat for a rt. i noticed their prices were cheaper than other companys.

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    I was very pleased with the improved comfort and quality of a custom Cee Bailey's seat on my R1150RT - would do it again. I'd also do it on my present R1200RT except that the stock seat, for me, is already excellent.

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    I have been happy with the stock R1200RT seat so far. I guess I am one of the "lucky few" who fits to the seat OK.

    I have purchased several Cee Bailey windscreens for 3 different bikes and they make good stuff.

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    I found the stock R1200RT seats to be torture racks. I replaced them with Rick Mayer saddles (photo below), which are fabulous. The CB saddles look pretty good -- certainly better than stock, but, of course, almost anything is -- even a boat cushion.

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    Don't knock a boat chushion

    I road my /6 from Port Neches to Tomball, a little over 100 miles in FIVE hours on a boat chushion when evacuating from hurricane IKE. My seat was gone to sargent to be rebuilt. Wasted money on my part. Rode the bike with same boat chushion while Rick built mine.
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    CB seats are OK, I used one while Rick Mayer was building my seat. CB does offer a heated option which is nice up here in Central New York, however I found the Rick Mayer to be much more comfortable on a long trip.

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    Russell seat

    I had the same situation as you.... considering the CB for the price. I talked to lots of people and they recommended the Russell. I called Russell and they were very careful in what they said but basically, CB is copying their technology. I decided to go with Russell. I only did the riders seat on my 1200RT and it only cost me around 350 or 370 and I also bought a rain cover. I did not recover the back seat.

    I've been very happy. My rear end was hurting after 30 mins with the stock seat and last sunday I rode 11 hours on my Russell - 750 miles back home from the Rally. That was unimaginable with the stock seat.

    I also have a friend who is half a nut who regularly puts in 900 mile days on his GT with the russel seat.

    It's a big purchase so talk to a lot of people and choose carefully. I also hear that russell has a sale each Nov where the seats are 10-20% cheaper.

    Deepak Menon
    2006 Red R1200RT

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