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Thread: What do you think of these mirror extensions?

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    What do you think of these mirror extensions?

    I'm either going with these for $100,or the emgo replacements for an EX Kawasaki.
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    RS mirror extensions

    Here's another picture of them.
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    It's allways good to have a clear unobstructed view of where's you've been, good job.

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    Thumbs up sa-weet!

    George, tell all. they look great!
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    Someone in the IBMWR markeet place is advertising them for sale. $100. I trying to decide if I should use them or try those emgo replacement mirrors.

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    George, are these available in one set only? They look pretty good and if they work why not?

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    If fritz would have wanted you to see what is back there they would have been on it from the factory.

    Billet aluminum is much to bling bling for even a HD.

    I I had to have them I would get thme powdercoated satin black

    Sorry, you asked.

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    There are more than one set .Sounds like he is making them an offering for sale. He also said you would put a black finish on them.

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    The mirrors already have a tendency to vibrate, and with them out there like that, I'd be concerned of their stressing, and possibly breaking, the plastic mounts, besides worse vibration.

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    I would say, try it, if it works, then great. If not, well then you are out $100. Maybe you can get some sort of trial period from the seller/maker.
    I don't think there is enough weight to the mirrors to cause extra stress, but they may be a little susceptible to vibrations due to the extension.

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    for the price of those extensions you could score a pair of these

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutineer View Post
    for the price of those extensions you could score a pair of these

    Those are nice bar ends muntineer, but will not work within the confines of an RS fairing.

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    round bar ends vs Napoleans

    I had these round bar-ends on my /6 for a few years. They look cool, but are quite small and don't give a great look at whats behind and to the side (isn't that what they are for?). I ditched them for a pair of Napoleans a few weeks ago on my /6 with low bars. Besides looking very cool, the Napoleans give me an absolutely panoramic view. I feel much safer with them.
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