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Thread: New R1200GS Rumours

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    Question New R1200GS Rumours

    Saw a bit in the RA's OTL that referenced a Euro Mags spy photos of a new GS. It looks slimmer, and more supermotard-like. It makes me thing about what's coming around the corner. When the oilhed emerged it was unchanged for several years then tweaked a bit. I can't believe that only a year after the new 1150 arrived and when the power/integrated brakes were just added BMW is ready for another change. Maybe just the GS will change to better compete with the Caponord and the V-Strom.

    What I liked about BMW was the reluctance to produce the model de jour. Now my 2000 R1100R is old hat and it's replacement might already be heading for redesign and all before my loan is paid. What is the feeling of other oilhead owners on the future?


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    I really hope BMW doesn't succumb to the same fads that have gripped the Japanese for so long. With the exception of the ST1100, Gold Wing, Kawasaki Concours and a few others, most Japanese models seem to have a shelf life of, oh, about 4.78 months. Which is one reason I began to gravitate to BMWs. Who wants to buy a product that's "obsolete" in one year?
    I don't mind them introducing clever spinoffs of existing models such as the Rockster or limited editions like the Boxer Cup. But if they replace entire models year after year, then I fear we're headed towards a motorcycle arms race that I would view with some disdain.
    Regardless, I've got a bike I love and I'll keep it as long as it pleases me, no matter what other bikes BMW (or anybody else) makes that flood the market.

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    I'm excited for change. It's not that I'm dissapointed by any means with present BMW bikes. I just think that BMW is going to try to be more competitive with other mfgs. by providing lighter, more powerful bikes while at the same time maintaining the BMW quality, reliability and ridability.

    As for an GS trying to get more competite with a V-Strom. Hardly the case. I thing th V-strom has a long way to go to even get close to the off road capabilities, durability, and versatility of a GS.

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    Originally posted by Eric Blume
    BMW cast wheels are as soft as butter.
    FWIW, I put 110K miles on an R1100RS and R1100RT with three-spoke wheels. Never had a problem. Did plenty of dirt with both of those bikes, and the paved roads out here are 'marginal' at best.

    My wife dented a set of wheels on her R1100RS in Yellowstone. She hit a pothole at 70mph, hard enough to break off the left saddlebag, and while the wheels flared a bit, they didn't lose a pound of air during the last 1500 miles home.

    I agree they aren't the best for the GS application, but they also aren't made out of PlayDoh.
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