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    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Three of us are hoofing it down to the Rally July 15-16, and leaving July 18 mid-day to return home to Toronto. Plan on using the Blue Ridge Parkway, and estimate 3 days.
    Have ordered some info from State Tourism, but am unclear on potential lodging, fuel and eating options, as I understand the Parkway has no services.
    Should we travel by the seat of our pants, or do you feel reservations would be wise ?
    Any other tips and info would be appreciated ?
    Will taking in the Deal's Gap be off course ? (I guess this is one of those been there, done that kind of things to do.....)
    Thanks in advance

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    There are a few lodging and camping options as well as a couple of fuel and eating locations on the parkway. There is a good map that you can print off of the Blue Ridge Parkway website. But it really is not a worry, the roads into the numerous towns and cities down off the ridge are great fun, and there are numerous chains and mom and pop lodging options.

    I have traveled the region numerous times and never had a problem finding lodging, But I am usually looking about 6ish, and not at 9 pm.

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    I wouldn't think of trying to get reservations. It spoils the trip. There are local mom and pop motels and camp grounds around that you can use. Having to be somewhere at a certain time spoils the trip for me. I had to travel throughout Virginia for several years and most of my co-workers insisted on reservations. I never got reservations and I didn't have to sleep in my car a single time. If you have to sleep in a less than perfect motel once in a while, it doesn't hurt anything and you meet some of the most interesting people.
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    How busy (Traffic) is the Parkway?

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    The Parkway is not busy at all during the weekdays. Travel Mon-Thurs if possible. Willeville motorcycle campground is great if you are camping and so is otter creek. Motels and fuel are plentiful if you watch for them when the road is at it's lowest elevation. Meaning when you are at 5-6 thousand feet you would have to drive down the sides to towns about 10-12 miles but when elevation is at its lowest like in Roanoke you can get fuel 1 mile off the parkway. Ashville is another area where elevation is low and fuel and food is right off the parkway. Good luck and have fun, you'll never be bored but remember speeding is a federal ticket on the parkway so be careful, they usually won't bother you if you are riding responsible 10 over but after that watch out. I have ridden it 15 or more times jsut fill up when the opportunity is there and never run under a quarter of a tank and you should be ok

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    It can be empty or slow-go. It just depends on how you hit it. It attracts RV's as well as motorcycles. The speed limit is 45 and enforced. A neat little town is Floyd, VA with a cool restaurant called Oddfellows. I like their lunch menu.
    A great motorcycle campground is just down the Parkway at Meadows of Dan, VA.

    Have a great trip.

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    Here is the link for the National Park's BRP website (make sure to check out the Closures part right before you leave). Here is the interactive map, it shows a bunch of campgrounds on the way down. I have only stayed at one, Rocky Knob, it was clean with decent price ($16) and your typical sand/pea gravel pad, picnic table and firepit.

    I like to stay at the Lake View Motel in Fancy Gap, VA, runs about $50 or $55 if I remember correctly. It is literally 15 feet from the onramp to the BRP and a good launchpad to finish the BRP by early afternoon if you start early. There is also a great breakfast place/diner across the parking lot.

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