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Thread: 2010 Rally Location

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidwestTravel View Post
    Please don't get me wrong, I'll be riding to the west coast. I just don't want to go to the exact same site. I'd love to do something along the Pacific Coast Highway. I'd love to do something in BC (I personally enjoyed Trenton). I am looking at a trip to Utah. I just really don't like the idea of the same exact site. I'm from Ohio, but I wouldn't want to do Lima again, nor would I want to do Midland, MI or any of the other eastern or midwest locations again. And in all honesty, I'd go to Del Rio, TX if it were there. We've never been there. I use the rally as an opportunity to see new places, enjoy new restaurants and new roads, and to see some of my old friends. Same roads, same restaurants, and only 8 years since the last time. We haven't done a rally in St Louis that I'm aware of. If we're talking about doing an "easy" rally, let's do it right next to the club offices. How much easier could you get? I'd be all for a rally in Nebraska or Colorado or New Mexico. Just any place I haven't already been. One man's thoughts.
    I can certainly appreciate your position but my point remains that a good percentage of attendees next year will never have gone to an MOA rally and another good segment have never gone to Redmond due to attrition, growth, and personal ability within the MOA populace in what will be nine years hence.

    So, there hasn't been a rally in Cedar City, Utah before but I see a western regional is coming up in September. Trust me when I tell you there is no finer motorcycle road in America than Hwy 95/24/12 through Glen Canyon, Capital Reef and Escalante Canyon. It's a road dreams are made of. If you can't do Redmond because of redundancy, I would highly recommend Cedar City.
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    Quote Originally Posted by widebmw View Post
    We should have the Rally location list and the map with the locations and regions.
    There is a list in the Anonymous book. There is a list below, too, but does not have details, just the communities:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallyho View Post
    This outstanding venue provides an opportunity for hundreds if not thousands of west coast riders to participate. A lot of them are NEW to BMW since 2001. They didn't go then or to Spokane because they weren't members yet. A lot of posters talk about growth and the aging BMW clientele but seem quite narcisstic when it comes to their personal location needs. I truly believe the average club member of any organization does not appreciate the time, energy, and personal expense that goes into planning even small, local events let alone something of this scale. I'm positive the ratio of satisfied to whiner within the MOA is about 700:1. Some of the reason for the satisfaction is the positive involvement and camradrie built not just from riding together but the long hours of working as a team watching the plan come together from idea to paper to implementation with the only real objective of putting on a memorable and quality experience for those that can attend. No one says you have to go to every rally and clearly not everyone can. If you think the portapotties were taxed this year, wait until all 35K of us show up for the party. It would seem we in the west are simply supposed to dedicate and plan all our vacation time every year so the rally can be in mostly flat, humid, rain-prone, bug-fests in the midwest? Why not the garden spots of central Nevada or the Mississippi delta in the middle of summer too? Isn't there a fairgrounds in Del Rio, TX? There was genuine excitement coursing through quite a few westcoast MOA members when they found out it would be out here next year. Now, it's your "opportunity" to ride across our beautiful country to a most excellent location loaded on all sides with outstanding roads and destinations. My club couldn't make Gillette and already had a long range ride planned for 2009 but we'll be in Redmond and we'll all volunteer too. We've already made our reservations.
    Expressing an opinion makes one a whiner? Well I'll guess I'll just whine then. It seems you have your own narcissistic reasons for wanting the more rallies out west. I know westerners don't like to come east so often. However, THE MAJORITY OF MOA MEMBERS ARE EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI. The way the rallies have been in the past was to have at least two eastern rallies before returning to a western location. I felt this was a good system, as it gave most members a chance to attend. Don't get me wrong, I love riding out west, but for many members, the time required to do a western trip is a lot greater, and many do not have the time to do so. I heard that many times at this years rally that members would not be able to attend next year's rally because of time limits. Another issue is with vendors. One of the main reasons I go to the national is to see the latest and the greatest in motorcycle gear and equipment in person. But many of the the vendors are also based east of the Mississippi and can't make the western rallies either. So I would suggest keeping the schedule the way it has been with at least two eastern rallies before each western one. Another solution is for western clubs to band together and have a regional rally in years when the national is not out west. That way, people from the east would have a chance to go out west if they have the vacation time without depriving those who don't a chance to attend a national and westerners could go to a rally without having to go east. Schedule them about a week or two apart so that those that had the time could attend both.
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    I'm in the process of moving, Dallas/Fort Worth to Vancouver,Washington

    That's sounding mighty close to Redmond, what great timing.... on my part...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportridertex View Post
    I'm in the process of moving, Dallas/Fort Worth to Vancouver,Washington

    That's sounding mighty close to Redmond, what great timing.... on my part...
    Welcome to the area.
    Vancouver to Redmond is 150 miles the direct way or about 250 to ??? with more fun and exploring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportridertex View Post
    I'm in the process of moving, Dallas/Fort Worth to Vancouver,Washington

    That's sounding mighty close to Redmond, what great timing.... on my part...
    As a former Dallas resident, I'd say that sounds like an improvement.
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    Besides the black helicopter rides, I paid off all the board members with a fly fishing trip on the Deschutes River. Redmond is a great location, great roads, scenery and great fishing. But then I may be a little biased because I get to visit my brother-in-law the professional fishing guide and get out of the Arizona summer heat.

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