I recently located to the western suburbs of Philly. I have a 2002 1150R and have been considering a new bike. There are no BMW dealers anywhere less than an hour drive from here that I can figure out.

Its either Hermy's far north of me, or DeSimone over in Jersey. In either case, an hour drive and a very long trip if there was a problem or maintainance issue.

I drove up to Hermy's one day, really ready to buy and couldnt get anyone to even help me. I had moved here from Florida and rather than go through all the DMV hassle (and it is a pain in PA!) I figured I would just take the $250 it cost me in DMV and Inspection fees and put it towards a new bike - hell I couldn't get anyone to even speak to me, let alone sell me a bike.

I havent been over to DeSimone yet, but again you have to reserve an entire day to get over there and talk to anyone. At this point, I might as well just drive down to Bob's and get better treatment, but I still dont know what to do about service. With the new bikes electronics, its tough to do much beyond oil anymore - just like their cars!

It has put me off buying a BMW, although nothing else really interests me.

What is the history here - there used to be two dealers, Main Line and Ottos, but I assume they have both dropped the line?

Anyway - what can I do? Ideas-