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Thread: Cost of 12K service

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    Cost of 12K service

    Does anyone have any "typical" pricing on the cost of a 12K service for a 2007 K1200S? I got a quote today from a local dealer at around $400. Seems like a lot of "checking" this and that plus changing the oil & filter plus brake fluids! Maybe it is me but that sounds like a lot of money for a thorough once over and an oil change.

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    What is their hourly rate? 'Til they pull the plastics, change the oil and filter, change the brake fluid, "check" everything and put the plastics back on you'll have 3 hours into it plus with BMW fluids and filter around $75+ in parts. Might be a little high but not too far for a "ballpark" estimate.

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    12K service

    I just bought the parts for my 12K service on my 2008 R1200R. Oil-4 quarts of Amsoil 20-50..$45; 2 quarts Amsoil 80-90 Gear Lube..$22; 4 spark pugs..$80; BMW Oil filter and crush washers..$20; BMW Air Filter..$25; That comes to about $200 in parts alone. When I do it myself I still take the bike to the dealer to read any fault codes and synch the TB..this usually runs about $50. or a total of $250 out of pocket if I do most of the labor. I follow the BMW suggested checklist for this service and it usually takes me about 3 hours to compete. Check the Hexheads tech forum for some great "how-to" articles.

    To have the dealer do the work would add about 2 to 3 hours of labor at almost $100 per hour.

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