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Thread: Anyone using an Odyssey battery in a K75?

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    Anyone using an Odyssey battery in a K75?

    My lead acid battery bit the dust, and I don't want to pay BMW for another overpriced replacement. I think I want the Odyssey PC680 battery. The terminals look different from my bmw battery though. Can anyone tell me whether this is an issue? Do I want the PC680T model that has terminals? If not, does it require mods to hook it up?
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    See the thread:

    The PC680 bolts right up. You don't even need the adapters.

    But if you really want a good powerful battery get the PC925L. At the sale price listed (if it's still available) it's a steal. $121 for the PC680 or $139 for the PC925L is a no brainer. Wish I had known about the sale on the 925 before I bought my 680. Oh well, still the best batteries out there.


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