Will set a new standard for rally attendance this year? Some have suggested nearing the 10 grand mark! It is a very centralized locale, indeed and may have the interest of many more riders. Some questions arise, however, if this MAY be the BIG ONE! Are we going to have enough facilities, like showers for such and food vendors(i'm hoping). Please, I hope we have enough funds to provide all this, as I know the recent past rallies have made little to pass on. I love camping at these rallies and want it to be really good again. Hot, muggy, humidity, equals more showers needed?, imo. Sounds exciting to have the numbers rise and it will indeed be neat to see so many in one place. What year was it over 7000? I was there and forgot. 10000 seems a high mark to grab for, BUT? Never know. If its at all possible, please just have the $$$ spent to get it right....Its a gamble, I know, to spend $$$ from our funds, but how far do we go, with speculations like 10000? Happy Trails, Randy