First,thanks to all that replied to my earlier post. I replaced the fuses and the starter relay and she still wouldn't start.Brought it up to a local guy that works on BMW's out of his house.He tested the neutral switch and sure enough it was bad.Made a jumper and the bike was running,neutral light is on all the time.I ordered a new switch. We also found out what the wires were that were disconnected.They were to the clutch safety switch.I guess that is the reason the bike wouldn't start witht the clutch lever pulled in.According to Bob's BMW that switch is not a separate item,probably why the previous owner disconnected it.
So pretty much my first real ride on the bike ,about 15 miles to home and I can't get passed the fact those mirrors are useless.I don't feel safe riding it. So I'm looking for some replacements. Also I think I'm going to try one of those Laminar lips?For the fairing. Other than those two things I have no complaints about the bike. Pulls like a freight train compared to my R80/7.