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Thread: Alpinestar Ridge Waterproof Boots??

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    Alpinestar Ridge Waterproof Boots??

    They look exceptional for the money. Any faults or problems?? Do the sizes run true? Thanks.
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    I have a pair, if you buy them from Cycle Gear you can't beat the warranty and great customer service. The boots feel and fit great, I even took the dog for a walk wearing them. They will keep you high and dry with good support.
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    You want to make sure you do not get leftover first generation boots..

    In the first generation the liner is not well attached, when you have a high arch and wide foot like I do, you will tear the liner. If you have real big calf's, like us bicycle riders, there is not a lot of Velcro overlap at the boot top.

    The cinch strap is not real durable. I expected more than 20K miles.

    My local shoe guy patched them up. For now.

    Other than that, they are good for up to E. If you are EE or better, you will not be walking in them much.


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