I recently replaced my 2001 R1100RT with a 2006 R1200Rt. Love the new bike. It has the factory radio, BMW Navigator III, BMW CB, and all connected through headset with intercom setup as well. The problem I am having is strange. I want to connect my iPhone through the GPS bluetooth function. I can get it to pair and connect, but to use it I have to take the phone out and dial from it or answer through it and then touch a tab the pops up on the phone for the where I want the sound routed, either through the iPhone, the BMW Navigator, or the speaker. If I choose the BMW Navigator it functions fine through the phone call, but once I hang up I have to go through the same bit again. Needless to say this is a problem when I am riding. I don't need to do this when connecting through my car's bluetooth connection as everything there happens automatically just fine. Anyone have any ideas?