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Thread: Tire Vendors @ Rally ?

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    Tire Vendors @ Rally ?

    Are there going to be any tire vendors at the Rally ? What brand ? Fair prices ?

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    For the rallys I have gone to, there has always been someone selling tires.

    That being said, you would be FAR, FAR, FAR (did I mention FAR?) better off getting your tire needs taken care of before or after the rally, elsewhere. I know people who have lost a whole day of riding just waiting to get tires changed when they were "second in line".

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    I did it fast;

    At one Rally in Trenton, Ont.,Canada at the National Rally, I did the tire thing and got quick service and they were BUSY indeed. I TOOK my tires/wheels from the bike and gave them the rims, for very quick service and they like it this way usually. Made my tire thing very nice and the tire vendor appreciated it too. They will run out of tires, as this has been the case many times over. Randy

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