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Thread: 12000 mile scheduled my own?

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    12000 mile scheduled my own?

    NOw that Im past the 12,000 mile mark should I be making an appt for the sched maint or can I just do it myself? what do I need to do? I dont have a manual...perhaps it would be wise to purchase one. I dont live conveniently close to a dealer so would it be in my best interest to do my own maint?

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    what type of bike is this for? i'm guessing not the airhead.

    here is a service list for a 1100 series oilhead, almost identical to most of the 1150 lists with some exceptions.

    decide your comfort level with regards to the various procedures and get wrenching! nothing on the 12K mile service is too difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmdubyou View Post
    I dont have a manual...perhaps it would be wise to purchase one.

    Then you can decide after you know what is involved.
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    yeah, I should've mentioned the bike! '02 GS Adv
    my last Clymers only covers airheads. Thanks for the link!

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    I suspect that you'll probably want more than just a list of what to do,
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    Oil and filter change. Change fluid in final drive and transmission. Adjust valves and if you feel like it, do a throttle sync. You can do everything yourself in less than an hour if you are experienced. Else, figure 2 hours. You would need a torque wrench for the drain/fill plugs (if you are anal), and feeler guages, wrench, and allen wrench for the valves. A twinmax or carb stix or carbtune or a homemade manometer for the TBS.
    Not a biggie. Check to see if there is going to be a tech day near you or if someone would be willing to help you drink your beer while coaching you in the fine arts.

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    You still have a bit of homework to do (since some of it doesn't apply to your bike) but the guys over at have you covered:

    Go to and order up a 12k kit for you bike. It comes in the mail. Read through the manual. If you want to be really, really, Type A- read this:

    Make sure you have the tools. Ask any questions here or invite an experienced friend over to answer questions (and drink you beer) then have at it.

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    Great...thanks for the awesome advice and links! I should be getting closer to doing this now that Im @13K.

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    Here's another good downloadable manual.

    Go for it. Basic maintenance is easy on these bikes.


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