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    Good Evening All,

    Not new to bikes (Japs, Brits, Italians) but a first time BMW owner. Not sure I wanted to get back into motors. So, decided to go used first. Found a 2000 R1100RTP for a reasonable price. Local dealer says he normally hates RTPs 'cause they are rode hard. After going through it, he now says he would take this one anywhere. It came just as it sits in the pic. Cee Bailey wind screen shows up Thursday. Can't wait to get some real miles on 'Hilda' and learn a lot from you guys and gals.

    Jim & 'Hilda'
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    Gear Up and Ride Safe
    Jim Rogers
    2010 R12GSA aka Heidi
    Yorktown, Va

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    Welcome Aboard JimRogersRTP

    Welcome Aboard JimRogersRTP

    Just about everything you want to know about BMW Motorcycles can be found on the forum. When you are looking for a topic or need a question answered the site's search engine is invaluable. There are two search buttons on the Forum. I have the best luck with the one located between New Posts and Quick Links.

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    Hi Jim, welcome to the forum!

    I am one of thoseo folks who think the 2002-2005 R1150Rt is the best looking bike ever built. Your authority version lives up to that rep, nice ride.

    You will find lots of info on your bike in the Oilheads section. Also take a look at the "Best of" forum to get a feel for this place. Loads of great people and lots of good stuff to do.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, let us know and once again, welcome.
    Steve Marquardt

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    Welcome Jim and Hilda. Any story behind the bike name?

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    Great looking bike. I also would like to know the reason for the name.

    Thanks for posting the pic.


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    Thanks for the Welcome. I name all my vehicles. My truck is named ENTERPRISE - I am a nuclear shipbuilder and have spent many years devoted to the USS ENTERPRISE CVN 65. The truck is a gray Dodge 2500 Mega Cab diesel; big and long and gray, just like the ship. My '65 Pontiac w/ original 421 HO Tri-Power is named Liz as she is painted Diamond White. The yellow Jeep is Pepe. Not sure where that one comes from. Hilda just seemed like a fitting name for a refined German lady that deserves respect but when handled properly can give you a lot of pleasure. Again, thanks for the welcome. I know I will enjoy Hilda and BMW MOA in the years to come.
    Gear Up and Ride Safe
    Jim Rogers
    2010 R12GSA aka Heidi
    Yorktown, Va

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimRogersRTP View Post
    My '65 Pontiac w/ original 421 HO Tri-Power is named Liz as she is painted Diamond White.
    Very very nice

    Welcome to the board, great group here.
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    Hi Jim!

    I've had my 2002 RTP for two years and 20,000 miles now. There are a few RT-P bikes in the forum, so feel free to check in with questions or concerns specific to your bike. Each RT-P is unique (much more so than any plain 'ol RT), so we need to be able to share information with each other to resolve our specific issues.

    Welcome to the brand, the model, and the MOA!
    Seattle, WA
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