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Thread: Tire pressure monitor...

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    Tire pressure monitor...

    Does anyone have one? Make? R U happy with it?

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    You might try posting this in the "Gear" section. I think you'll get more response there..
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    I have a tire pressure monitor that came on my 800S and I really like it. I have had 2 flats and it saved me from having to make a roadside repair or try to. The first time the air pressure started falling and I was able to turn around and ride a mile to a gas station that plugged it for me. The second time it let me know I had a slower leak and was able to ride 30 miles home to take the tire off and get a new one. I don't know anything about the aftermarket ones but I am sold on the BMW factory equipped one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riders View Post
    ... I am sold on the BMW factory equipped one.
    I have it on my F650GS and really like it. The only negative to it is that it won't read out until you start to ride. Can't use it to check the tire pressure in the garage before you start out. But a warning will light on the computer if tire pressure drops during a ride.

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    I have the stock one on my R1200RT and am seriously considering getting an aftermarket one for my R80RT.

    Worth every penny. I agree that it is unfortunate that you need to start rolling in order to get a reading.
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