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Thread: R90s centerstand problem

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    Question R90s centerstand problem

    I have a problem with the centerstand on my 1974 R90s. When I put nuts on the ends of the bolts attaching the centerstand to the frame they block the springs and the centerstand will not stay in the up position (against the frame). If I leave the nuts off the centerstand is loose and cannot hold the bike safely. Any ideas?

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    The center stand bolts are not used with a nut, the new bolts you buy from BMW come with a form of locktite on the threads.
    If your bolt threads are OK (not worn or flatened) you can reuse them, clean the bolt threads and also the threads in the frame and apply a locktite thread compound.

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    I was told once by one of the guys at RPM that I should check that rightside bolt often. The thread "lock" the factory applies is really useless and doesn't hold up to the torque applied to the bolt as you lever a 500#-plus bike onto the centerstand. The simple action of working the stand puts a counter-clockwise force on the right bolt that eventually loosens it.

    My opinion is that the factory should have recognized the problem long before your and my bikes were made and left-hand threaded the rightside bolt. The threads in that right side lug often get trashed, I'll bet most of you reading this could probably run out to the garage right now and find that right bolt either loose or cockeyed or both.

    BMW changed the stand in '81 (?) so I don't know whether this all applies to those and later bikes.

    In any case the factory bolt is short enough not to pass through the lug and cause spring interference. If your bike is new to you then maybe the previous owner tried a bolt/nut arrangement to eliminate the problem but you see how that doesn't work. If you're lucky your lug threads are still OK just pick up 2 (one for spare...) and replace. If the threads are minimal or gone (which may explain the bolt/nut arrangement) they can be Helicoiled easily.

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